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Our Top 4 Australian Handmade Small Business Marketplace

Our Top 4 Australian Handmade Small Business Marketplace

Have you ever thought about how small handmade businesses are often overlooked in the world of online shopping dominated by fast-fashion and large retail brands? These local businesses are deeply rooted in their communities and deserve our support.

As a small artisanal business ourselves, we completely understand the challenges that other small Australian businesses go through. That's why we want to help out by sharing our top picks for online marketplaces that support local businesses and promote Australian-made products. Take a look at our top list and show your love for small businesses!



Trauve - Shop Small Businesses in Australia
The creators of Trauve love small businesses and are avid small business shoppers. They love discovering new Australian brands and marvelling at each Australian maker's creativity. Their mission is to give Aussie brands the stage they deserve and become the go-to online shopping destination for people who love supporting small.

2. Artisan Collective Australia

Artisan Collective Australia - Supporting Australian Artisan

Former Sydney Artisan Collective, is now Australia-wide and consists of a wonderful community of Australian Small Business Artisanal Brands. The sole purpose of the website is to showcase products made by Australian-based artisans who are intimately involved with the design and manufacturing process of their products.

3. Made It - Australian Makers' Village


Madeit is a lot smaller than the other marketplace in this list, but they are good for people that likes to shop for handmade items that are quirky and affordable. You can shop on Madeit, knowing that you are supporting independent designers & crafters as well as the whole Australian-made industry at large. Support Madeit makers that are working to showcase and sell their products all day, every day, to every corner of Australia and the world.


4. hardtofind.

    Hard To Find

    Of all the marketplace listed here, this one is the most famous. Hardtofind is the place for unique, exceptional products from independent craftspeople and manufacturers, all brought together on 


    Do you know any other Australian marketplace that supports Australian Small Business Brands? Let us know, reach out to us at to be featured.

    Love, Ann.